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Tic T500 driver doesn't held at the given position

Hello support,

I am tyring to controll a step motor using Tic T 500 pololu driver and I want to create another interface to control it (except pololu tic control center) in c++. I use ticcmd commands to control it and the problem is when I set the position as numerical for example 100, it doesnt stop at exact position.

API(double) tic_set_target_position(int32_t target)
char command[1024];
snprintf(command, sizeof(command), “ticcmd --exit-safe-start --position %d”, target);
return run_command(command);

when I give the target position 100, the current position shown in pololu center is (Pic below):

Thank you in advance for your help

Hello, Tom.

I moved your post to the “Motor controllers/drivers and motor” section of the forum since it seemed more appropriate.

Could you post a simplified, but complete, version of your code that demonstrates the problem? Additionally, you might try verifying that it works when you run ticcmd in a Command Prompt, which would indicate that the problem is with your code.