Tic_T249 Motor Pinout inconsistent in Datasheet


I am a bit confused about the labeling of the Stepper Motor outputs A1-A2/B1-B2 in the Datasheet.


1 and 2 are swapped from the PCB labels to the pinout labels.

This leads to some confusion here in our team, because 3 ppl are working on a bigger project and have to rely on specifications from datasheets to a large extent.

I mean we sure can sort this out who went with the PCB definition and who just looked at the pinout labels, but it would be nice to make this consistent.

Hi, kdfischer.

Thanks for noticing this; we’ve fixed the diagram. Note that the link in your post above goes to a cached version that is still incorrect, but you should see the updated picture in the product page and user’s guide.


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Oh, and the PDF-Version needs to be updated also. :wink:

Thanks for the reminder. The PDF should be corrected now too.