Tic T249 AGC setting not remembered

I have succeeded in connecting two Tic T249’s via two USB ports on my computer. I am able to change the AGC setting in Tic Control Center, and click apply settings, which changes from blue to gray, and the “unsaved changes” warning goes away.

However, when I change my selected Tic in the “Connected to” drop-down, and switch back, my AGC settings are erased and revert to “OFF”. All of the other settings I’ve tried (step mode, max speed/accel, etc.) do not have this behavior.

In reading the user guide section 6, https://www.pololu.com/docs/0J71/6, I don’t see this specific behavior for AGC mode clearly documented, but I may be misreading it. I also checked the TB67S249FTG datasheet and application note mentioned on the settings page, and could not find this behavior mentioned (again, I may be misreading the notes as I did not understand 100% of the verbiage).

Is this a Tic Control Center error, user error, potential board problem, etc.?

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We were able to reproduce it here and determined that it is a bug in the Tic software which was introduced in version 1.8.0. We are releasing a new version (1.8.1) to fix this issue. The Windows version of the new software is already available in the Tic user’s guide, and I expect macOS and Linux versions to be available by the end of the day tomorrow.


Thanks for the quick bug smash!


By the way, I think there may have also been a bug with the lower current limit for soft error condition not being saved, but I can’t reproduce it, so it may have been fixed with version 1.8.1 as well. I don’t have objective evidence of this happening, it’s just based on my thinking I had changed that limit before, and yet saw it as the default later on.