Tic RC Homing

I’m using Tic in RC mode. I would like to be able to Home on a switch that is not a limit switch. When using the limit switch as explained in the manual and software configuration the Tic sets to zero when it hits the homing/limit switch. In RC mode that means my 1500 pulse is at the limit and not in the middle of the range. Is there a way to use a switch for homing/zeroing that is not a limit switch?



The homing procedure sets the 0 position to the homed position; there is no way to change that. Similarly, when in RC position mode, the neutral scaling values always correspond to the 0 position. So, in this mode, a homing switch will always correspond to the “neutral” position, and will not allow the stepper motor to move into negative target positions.

You could configure the “Neutral max” value in your RC scaling settings as your minimum value, effectively shifting everything so your target values are all positive. This still ends up with the homing switch at one end of your motion, but allows your whole range of inputs to be mapped over your range of motion.

For example, if you set the “Neutral max” to 1500 (which approximately corresponds to a pulse width of 1000μs) and your “Maximum” to 3000 (approximately 2000μs), your RC input will map from the location your homing switch sets as position 0 at 1000μs to your configured Target maximum at 2000μs.