Tic or Frk?

Which stepper controller do I need to drive this type of stepper motor using RC pwm, Tic or Frk? The motor doesn’t have a potentiometer or encoder. Is it possible to make it behave like a servo with limits, say, a 50 turn range limit? Thanks.


We do not have a “Frk” controller, but if you are referring to the Jrk motor controllers please note that those are intended for driving brushed DC motors. It looks like the motor in your link is a 4-wire stepper motor, so one of the Tic stepper motor controllers should work for driving it like a servo using a hobby RC servo signal. You can find information for configuring the Tic for that application in the “Setting up RC position control” section of the Tic user’s guide.

Please note that based on the listed rated voltage (5V) and phase resistance (20 Ω), you should set the current limit no higher than 0.25A per phase.


Thanks Brandon!