TIC Motor Controller Unique ID

If I have more than one TIC controller how can I figure out which is which for USB or serial control?

Looking thru the TIC user guide I cannot find a byte level command that will give the serial# or some other unique identifier for the controller? I am trying to develop software in Labview using the Byte commands for control and status.


You can use the “Get setting” command over serial, I2C, or USB, to get any of the settings of the Tic. For example, you can give each Tic a different “Serial device number” and then fetch that number from them. You can find more information about the “Get setting” command in the “Command reference” section of the Tic user’s guide.

If you are controlling the Tic through USB, another option is to run “ticcmd --list” to see all the Tics connected to the computer and their serial numbers.

If that is not what you are looking for, can you post some more information about what you are doing? For example, what interface and what protocols are you using, and how many Tics are connected to your controller at a time?


If the Serial Device Number is stored in non-volatile memory then that should work - Thanks.
I will likely have no more than 3 TICs connected to a PC via USB and using the serial byte low level commands to do everything in the Labview environment.

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