Tic Board on Visual Studio C#

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This is my first post then I want to thaks you first for this great support I see in this Forum.

I am testing the SDK´s in Visual Studio 2015 and trying to conect to the Tic stteper board using the examples from pololu-usb-sdk folder that has projects for similar boards but not the Tic one. The problem is I don´t see never the card conneted, do you know if these examples works for Tic board aswell?

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It sounds like you are using the Pololu USB Software Development Kit (SDK), which does not support the Tic stepper motor controllers. If you have not done so already, I recommend looking at the “Writing PC software to control the Tic” section in the Tic Stepper Motor Controller User’s Guide to see the various options available. The easiest option is to just invoke the command-line utility, ticcmd, from your program. You can open a Command Prompt and type ticcmd with no arguments to a see a summary of its options.

- Amanda

Great support Amanda, I will do it.

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