Tic automatic homing


I was able to setup two switches and when the motor position crosses over one of them, it goes back to home. Also when I connect to the motor through the tic app.; it goes home. here are the issues I am facing:

  1. It does not go home when I power it off and of, only when i connect it to the software.
  2. after the motor goes home; whether after going to wrong position or after i connect it to software, it locks up and does not respond to commands any more. i have to cut the power off and on before it works again.

any help is much appreciated,


  1. The Tic will only perform the automatic homing procedure when it is being commanded to go to a specific position and it is uncertain about the current position. So, it will not automatically home when it is powered on until it is commanded to move. What control mode are you using, and does it home after being sent a target position command?

  2. How are you trying to control the motor after it triggers a limit switch? In case it wasn’t clear, while the forward limit switch is triggered, the Tic will not allow the motor to move forward again (and the same is true with the reverse limit switch). So you should be able to move the motor in the opposite direction. Are you getting any errors (indicated by the red LED on the board)? If so, could you connect to the Tic Control Center and look in the “Status” tab to see which ones are actively stopping the motor?

If you continue having problems, could you also post pictures of your setup that show all of your connections as well as a copy of your Tic settings file? You can save a copy of your Tic settings file from the “File” drop-down menu of the Tic Control Center while the controller is connected.