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Tic 834 with stepper motor SH2141-5541 troubleshooting

Hello, I have a stepper motor (SH2141-5541, bought from Pololu) with 200 pulses per rotation. But when I use Pololu Tic controller software to drive it, repeatability of position is bad. For example, when I drive it to 200 and then back to 0, it can’t go back to its original position. There is a large offset. If I repeat this process, the offset will accumulate. Is it the problem of stepper motor or Tic controller software?


If the motor is undershooting it’s original position, I suspect it is missing steps. This can have many different causes, but it is likely something you can fix with well tuned settings or some adjustments to your system.

Can you post more details about your setup? For example, what are you using for a power supply, is there anything connected to the output shaft of your motor, and how are you controlling the target position on the Tic? Additionally, can you post a copy of your Tic settings file so I can see your configuration settings? You can save a copy of your settings file form the “File” drop-down menu of the Tic Control Center.