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Tic 834 ticcmd to set command timout

What it the ticcmd command to set the watchdog? The command that I am trying to change the timeout/watchdog settings or turn it off do not seem to be working.

these command do not return anything:
ticcmd -d 00366322 --get-settings disable_safe_start
ticcmd -d 00366322 --get-settings command_timeout


There is no ticcmd option specifically for modifying the “Command timeout” setting, but you can clear the command timeout error with the --reset-command-timeout option. I generally recommend adjusting or disabling the command timeout feature from the “Input and motor settings” tab of the Tic Control Center software. You could also save a settings file and load it onto the Tic using the ticcmd --settings option.


Hi Brandon,

Thanks for the info. I was hoping I could do everything thru another program, but it does not appear to be that way. Thanks for the info

You have a note “Connecting or disconnecting a stepper motor while the Tic’s motor power supply (VIN) is powered can destroy the motor driver” in the tic manual. If the motor is de-energized (driver state) and I use relays to disconnect the coils will it damage the motor driver? I may want to use relays to isolate the stepper motors for electrical noise reason in the application that I am considering. I may also be able to use relays on the input line, but placing them between the stepper(s) and the driver may have other advantages.

As long as the motor is not energized, it should be fine to remove the connection like that.