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TIC 825 Software Errors

I downloaded the TIC software on github and came across some errors. The tic.h file is encountering an error at line 50 at #pragma once and tic_internal.h is looking failing at #include <config.h> and #include <libusbp.h>. Are there additional libraries I am supposed to have to make this work? For reference, the only functionality I’m looking for is to set the velocity of my T825.


Please make sure you downloaded the Tic software source code from here, and not from somewhere else:


The Tic software does depend on some libraries, and our recommended steps for building it are documented in BUILDING.md.

The errors you are getting make me think are you are trying to do something unusual. What operating system are you using? What compiler or development environment are you trying to use to compile the Tic software? Did you install libusbp as documented in BUILDING.md? What are the main languages you are using to write your software?

If you just want to set the velocity of your Tic, it is probably easier to install the Tic software using the binary downloads we provide and make your software invoke the Tic command-line utility. For example, you can run “ticcmd --exit-safe-start --velocity 2000000” to set the velocity to 200 microsteps per second.


Hi David,
Thanks for getting back to me. That’s where I got my software from but I’ll redownload it just to make sure I followed all the steps properly.
I’m using Windows 10 and I was compiling in Visual Studio Code. I do have libusbp but I’ll double check I put it in the correct location. I’m just using the C/C++ language.

I’m specifically looking for my motor to run automated without any user input. Is it possible to send automated commands?

Yes, it is possible to send automated commands to the Tic without user input. The simplest way is to run ticcmd, as I suggested in my previous post.

We do not have any instructions for how to build the Tic software with Visual Studio Code, so you might need to solve some issues if that is what you want to do.

What specific compiler are you using to compile your code? I am surprised that #pragma once caused an error. What was the specific error message you got for that line? You could replace that line with an old-fashioned include guard.

The config.h file you are missing is generated by the Tic’s CMake script, so you will either need to run CMake to generate it, or just write it manually by looking at the template for it in include/config.h.in.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Thank you for all your help so far David. My code is compiling now and that is working great. I’m currently getting an issue where the ticcmd commands do not result in motor movement. I know I am connected because I can get status and everything, and I have the controller energized and there are no error lights on. But when I send “ticcmd --velocity 10000” for instance the motor does not move. Do you have any suggestions for what I can look into?

I got it to work so this is the end of all my questions but thank you so much for all your help throughout.

maybe you, or someone else that succeeded, can explain how to build on visual studio?
i try to use tic 825 library on C language, visual studio.
im still trying but not any success.