TIC-825 Raspberry Pi I2C Issues!


I’m working on a project that’s making use of an Actuonix Linear Actuators, controlled by TIC825s which are connected to the actuator. The intent is to use a Raspberry Pi 4 and I2C to connect to two stepper controllers and actuate them with Python. Right now I’m trying to run the stepper with the I2C code provided on Pololu’s website (https://www.pololu.com/docs/0J71/12.9), but when I run that code, it simply makes the motor screech and it doesn’t actuate at all. I’ve verified that I’m sending/receiving signal over I2C, and can’t figure out what the issue could be. Does anyone have any experience with something like this?


Hi, Ethan.

Could you post a link to the specifications for your linear actuators? Are you able to control the actuators with the Tic over USB with the Tic Control Center software? Could you post your Tic settings file? You can save a settings file by selecting the File > Save settings file option in the control center.