Tic 500, can I get serial number using Arduino library?

Hiya - happy Tic 500 user, I was wondering, is it possible to retrieve the serial number (e.g. #01234567) using the arduino library? Is it stored in the eeprom, that I could maybe retrieve with something like: pump.getSetting(magicValue, 8, &ticSerial);



Hello, Gareth.

There is no way to read the serial number using the Arduino library (it is only provided via USB). However, you might be able to re-purpose a different setting that your application does not need and use it to store that value. For example, if you are not using the homing features of the Tic, you could set one of the homing speed settings (i.e. “Homing speed towards” or “Homing speed away”) to a value equal to that Tic’s serial number, then read that setting using the library.


Thanks for the idea, that’s a shame as there seem to be plenty of space in the eeprom - perhaps in future this improvement could be considered.

Full disclosure - I’ve actually tried using the low level libraries over USB to write to (seemingly unused) parts of the settings eeprom - at locations like 0xE0 and 0x6A but without success. If that had worked, I could have used the getSetting function…

Thanks also for the quick response, very much appreciated.