Tic 36v4 with Hall effect thumb wheel

I am using one of these, Thumbwheels — Cyber-Tech, Inc. | Industrial Control Handles, Joysticks and Switches.
I have I hooked up like is described here Pololu - 4.9. Setting up analog position control
Its 5 volt supply but when I go through the calibration it does not sense any voltage at center or full. it only senses .09volts and its not stable at that. Basically it docent seem to work.

Hello, IDM.

It looks like the current draw of that sensor is too high, causing a large voltage drop over the 220Ω resistor in series with the SCL pin. Could you try using the 5V pin to power the sensor instead and see if that fixes the problem?


Thanks I will try. I did try to moving it and setting up like a RC receiver but no dice. I will power from the pin and see what happens thanks.

Yep that worked thanks

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