Tic 36v4 torque control

Hello would love to know if the Tic 36v4 has a torque control…
I need the torque control for my application that i am trying to do if is no torque control can some one point me to one that has torque control but is also as powerful as the Tic 36v4?

I moved you post to the “Motor controllers/driver and motors” section of the forum since it seems more appropriate.

The torque of a stepper motor is generally proportional to the current, and the Tics use current-controlled (chopper) drivers. The current limit can be changed on-the-fly with the “Set current limit” command. You can find more information about this command in the “Command reference” section of the Tic user’s guide.

If that isn’t what you want, could you explain what you mean by torque control and what you are trying to do?


Hey okay new here sorry for posting to the wrong section.
I am trying to make a Force feed back wheel using the Arduino leonardo that there a library for the the use case that i am interested how ever i need a a stepper driver compatible with high torque stepper motor and also i compatible with the Arduino. So i need something that can control the toque of the stepper motor.

I am not sure what particular library you are referring to or if is compatible with our Tic controllers, but the Tic allows you to dynamically adjust the current limit, so you might be able to use it in that kind of application.