Tic 36v4 Step/Dir input options

Background: Solution needed to power larger stepper on one axis of a modified a 3D printer. I enlarged the print bed(moving y-axis bed type), so the extra weight of bed and larger prints left me needing to increase torque from NEMA 17 to NEMA 23 due to skipped steps/print quality. NEMA 23 will draw more amps than the onboard stepper drivers will support. The 3D printer is controlled by an Arduino 2560 “Prusa Rambo” type board with integrated Arduino and onboard stepper drivers. I prefer to only increase output amps to Y-axis stepper via an add-on board such as TIC or similar product. The issue is being the “Rambo” Arduino and drivers are an integrated board so soldering a tap wire for output to TIC’s STEP/DIR input is nearly impossible. Question: Is it possible to wire Rambo’s stepper motor driver output for signal as input for TIC or another amperage boosting solution come to mind?


I am not sure how you are planning on converting the output of your Rambo board to STEP/DIR signals, but it is generally not good practice to use the output of one driver as an input to another, even if you are conditioning the output voltage down to the correct logic voltage. Unfortunately, I do not have any specific advice for trying to get the signal from your Rambo board to send to the Tic without soldering some kind of tap wire.


Thank you Brandon, I was mostly out of ideas also and will look purchase a different microcontroller with higher output.