Tic 36v4 - Stall Detect?

I see that the TI DRV8711 chip has stall detection and that the non-Tic 36v4 stepper driver has a stall output pin. The stall status (STDLAT bit) is present in the STATUS register (though the datasheet is unclear about how long the bit is latched). But the Tic 36v4 does not have any stall indication that I can find. Is there some why for me to detect a stall with the Tic 36v4? If not, any chance a future firmware version might support an indication of Stall?
I am presently using the I2C interface.


The Tic does not have any kind of stall detection features, and unfortunately, we currently do not have any plans for adding something like that.


Hi Brandon,

Not the news I was hoping for, but thanks for letting me know!
A “back door” command that would allow pass through access to the DRV8711’s registers would be great!

Eventually I’ll have 16 steppers rotating things 10-20 degrees each. I was hoping to do a sort of self-calibration where I might use the stall sensing to let me know how many degrees a stepper can turn before hitting the end point.

BTW, being able to talk to the Tic over I2C works out great for me. I appreciate not having the overhead of driving every step. Nice little driver board! The small size is helpful too.


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