Tic 36v4 i2c & arduino - wire hangs

I am having issues when sending i2c commands to the Tic 36v4.
My code runs fine except when I send tic.exitSafeStart(); at which point the code halts and does not continue.
My question is if this is a known issue with the tic, or if it is related to the known issue of the wire library hanging in a while loop. Also, would this issue be solved by using an alternative wire library like WSWire?

more info:
Arduino Uno
24V power supply
10k pullup resistors on SDA & SCL

I have tried just about everything in my wheelhouse to troubleshoot this.

I swapped out the micro controller for another, and everything works now :expressionless:
That micro worked fine in every other way other than the i2c bus, so i had no reason to suspect it!

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