Tic 36v4 additional cooling considerations

Hi, big fan and customer since 2011 here…

I’ve got a question I’m afraid might be trivial but figured I’d ask. Just got a few Tic 36v4 stepper drivers, and I’m hoping to drive rather large steppers with them. It is mentioned that they (the drivers) can deliver around 4A as is, and up to 6A with additional cooling… The steppers I’m looking to drive are chunky N34 rated at 5.6A, and I’d like to drive them to as close to their rating as possible, to get as much torque out of them as I can.

So my question is, what would consist of acceptable “additional cooling” for the Tic 36v4 to drive as much as 5.6A? Would aluminum heatsinks be enough, or forced fan cooling is a must? If heatsinks are enough, which components would need them?




Unfortunately, we have not thoroughly tested various cooling methods, so we cannot give specific advice about what it would take to get to 5.6A continuously. The amount of cooling you would need will also depend on the specifics of your system as well, so you will likely have to do some testing. However, we expect forced airflow to be required for that kind of current, as it is generally more effective.

The cooling should be focused on the discrete MOSFETs located near the power input and motor output pins.


Thanks Brandon, I appreciate the answer.

I’ll do some testing and proceed with caution!