TIC 36v Homing Only - Rotary Indexer

Hello I am trying to see if there is a way to only use the limit switches for homing only.
I am tying to use a TIC 36V to drive a stepper for an indexing table and I would like that at startup the TIC will home the indexer to a known position.
The issue is as it is a rotary table there is no limit to the axis it can rotate indefinitely, and will pass over the limit switch every rotation stopping it.
I also plan on using the tic in step and direction mode.
Is there a way to do this without another micro controller?


Unfortunately, the Tic cannot do the homing procedure while in STEP/DIR mode. If you can use a different input mode, such as Serial/I2C/USB, and you have some way of generating a digital signal, you could connect the digital signal to the pin on the Tic you have configured for the limit switch in a way that allows you to use it to override the limit switch after homing and prevent it from triggering.

Alternatively, if you are controlling it via USB, you might be able to home it while in Serial/I2C/USB mode, then switch it to STEP/DIR mode. In STEP/DIR mode, the Tic doesn’t prevent you from moving the motor even when the limit switch is triggered since you are sending the control signals directly to the driver. However, please note that configuration settings like the input mode are stored in the non-volatile memory and have a limited number of erase/write cycles.