Throttle PID + Step Motor + Distance

Hello everyone, I have a project to operate a stepper motor at a distance approximately 50 ft. I will control the stepper motor from the information received from their feed-back systems which may be a potentiometer or an encoder. The point is that the project involves distance, because I have to send 5V from the Arduino 2560 for the sensors and get the pin midst of them to the analog input board. And my engines (FEED-BACK sensors) are about 50 ft from the board. How can I get the measure of these sensors without causing voltage drop or interference? :question:
The program is under development, will be a comparison between the momentary value of the sensor and the throttle motor sensor, the program will compare and act on the engine is changing the direction and / or by sending pulses to move it.
Follow the accompanying drawing for understanding.
The second problem and about the values ​​of the pot that I use, how much more I put analog inputs,what pot values ? for do not close short circuit on board , 10k or 100k etc …
Thanks to all.


I don’t know much about connecting things at long distances, so I can’t be of much help there. Are you sure you need your Arduino to be so far away? I recommend getting this working with short wires, before introducing the added difficulty of long-distance wiring. I noticed your schematic is missing a common ground between the Arduino and the stepper drivers. If you have an Arduino, you can usually avoid having a separate logic power supply (unless you are already maxing out the current the 5V pin can supply). You can connect the Arduino’s 5V to the A4988 driver’s VDD and GND to GND.

- Ryan