Three 18V7 SMCs have failed

Sir, I bought 4 SMC 18V7 Ampere model and 3 of them appears to be have problem. They were working (I was using with 1 ampere motors) Now When I attact to USB port Only green led lights fully. And any other led is not blinks… I Don’t do any bad thing for this failure. I want to send these motor drivers for fixing. None of them gives smoke.

Could you send me shipment adress? I am living in Turkey, Istanbul. I can send USA office.



I am sorry you are having trouble with your motor drivers. If the drivers really are damaged (not all damage results in smoke), then repairing them is probably not a practical option, especially when it involves shipping them back and forth internationally. Is the computer able to recognize the three failed units? Can you tell me more about how you were using them when they stopped working?

  • Grant