Thermal characteristics

Hello Mr or Mrs !
Im using pololu motors in my projects on daily basis and i would like to know if there is a way of getting thermal characteristics of one of these motors. Specifically thermal resistance from winding to case and thermal resistance from case to ambient. Many manufacturers provide this information in datasheets, but cant find this in the motor specification here. The motor that im using is:

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Hello, Martin.

Thank you for your interest in our gearmotors. Unfortunately, we have not characterized the thermal resistivity of our motors. Can you tell me more about your application and why you need that information?

- Patrick

Thanks for the reply.
Im using that motors as demonstration in my mechatronics class and one of the exercises is to find dependence of the Resisivity on Winding temperature, based on temperature measured on the surface.

That sounds like an interesting experiment! If you decide to test any of our motors, I would be exited to hear about your results.

- Patrick