Testing a 24v23 with a battery charger


I have soldered the capacitor that came with the 24v23 and soldered the 3 headers in order to use RC down the road. I have also soldered 14 gauge wire to the VIN connections and to the motor outputs.

My question is should I be able to connect my 12v motor and use a 12 volt battery charger as the power source or are the standard cables on the charger too long to drive the motor when I connect the 24v 23 to my laptop via USB? EDIT: The charger is a standard 6/12 v charger that would be used to charge a car battery.

Thanks for any help anyone is able to provide.


Found my own answer. I connected a 12 V battery rather than the Battery charger and it works just fine. So apparently the leads from the charge placed the power source too far from the 24V23.

Thanks for looking…

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I don’t think the problem is just the leads. A charger is not a power supply, and you should not expect it to generally work as one. (Also, you shouldn’t just attach a power supply to a battery and expect it to function as a battery charger.)

- Jan