TB9051 availability

Good day,
We are happily using the TB9051ftg. As we cant find the chip from Toshiba anywhere available, we wonder if you might know anything about how long Toshiba is planning to keep producing this chip? Or could you recommend any similiar chip?



It’s a fairly new part, so that might be why you do not see it in stock. I do not have any specific inside information about the product lifetime, but my impression is that Toshiba is excited about this driver and does not have any plans to stop making it. I do not have a source to recommend (we get ours through Arrow, but it might not be a part they normally stock so minimum quantities could be high).

The Freescale MC33926 is similar from a performance perspective, and it’s been around for years so might have better availability. We have several carriers for that part if you want to give it a try:

- Jan

Thanks Jan,
perfect alternative, almost 100% interchangable.
One question though: in the description for the mc33926 it is written that the SF pin can be connected with several drivers, so that you only need one pin at the controller to see if a motor has failure. Is this also possible with the TB9051 DIAG pin?



The DIAG pin on the TB9051FTG is an open-drain output and we add a 10k pull-up to it on our boards. In general, it should be fine to connect several open-drain outputs together, but if you use our carrier, you might find that putting all of the pull-ups in parallel becomes too strong. In that case, you could remove or disconnect the pull-up from all but one of the boards.