TB67S249FTG supply voltage vs torque


I would like kindly ask you for help with TB67S249FTG driver. I setted output current 1,25A (= 1V on VREF) and I use standard 24V / 2A power supply. Everithing works fine.

The question is, if I changed the power supply by a 15V model and the current 1,25A will be still the same, will be the torque of morot the same as with 24V source, or will be lower?

I would like to reach the same torque with 24V and 15V power source for the same application and I don’t know if is it real or not.

Thank you for the support and have a nice day!


Hello, Michal.

The torque your motor can produce while stepping will decrease if you switch to a lower voltage supply since the current will not be able to ramp up as quickly as it would with the higher voltage supply. It is hard to guess how much the output torque will decrease since that will depend on your particular motor and setup. However, as long as the motor can still draw its full rated current from the supply you’re probably in good shape as long as you are not already pushing the limits of what the motor can do.

- Patrick