TB67S128FTG serial control of the current limit

Looking for a basic Arduino code/schematic for the TB67S128FTG stepper controller. Not sure how to hook-up/code the “TORQE” pins. Want to try to set and adjust the current in the code.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have any example code for using the TB67S128FTG Stepper Motor Driver Carrier in serial mode. However, note that the TORQE pins are not used in serial mode (although you can separately configure the current limit serially).

In the “clock mode” (i.e. not serial mode), you can drive the TORQE pins high or low in different combinations to apply a multiplier between 10% and 100% (the default) to the current limit set by the VREF voltage, so you could control the current though code using 3 digital outputs (1 for each TORQE pin). You can see the results of the various combinations of those pins in section 8.9 “Torque Function” of the TB67S128FTG datasheet, which is available under the “Resources” tab of the carrier’s product page.