[TB67H420FTG Single H-Bridge Mode] How to set VREF?


We just ordered a couple of TB67H420FTB Breakout Modules, while waiting them to show up we were reading the datasheet and usage notes documents to know how to wire up the module to use it on Single H-Bridge mode, AFAIK it’s done by wiring HBMODE pin to VCC.

When working on Single H-Bridge mode, both H-bridges are controlled by INA1, INA2 and PWMA pins (datasheet page 9).

My questions are:

  • As INB1, INB2 and PWMB pins will be invalid, should we connect them to GND or left them floating?
  • How should we set the voltage reference, using VREFA only? left VREFB floating or attached to GND? Should we connect both of VREF together?

Thanks in advance.



As detailed under the “Pinout” section on our product page, when that driver is in single channel mode you can ignore the INB1, INB2, PWMB, VREFB pins entirely, and the INB1, INB2, and PWMB pins are pulled low internally by the driver.


Hi Tony.

Thanks for the reply!.