TB67H420FTG Over-Current Flag

I am trying to determine if the TB67H420FTG is exceeding the current set via external resistor. How does the LO1 for over-current in the following scenarios:

  1. Configured for dual motor. Does it detect 4.5A on either channel or 9A?
  2. External resistor for a single channel. Does it detect 4.5A or will it be based on the current chopping resistor? For example, if the board is set to chop at 3.5A instead of 4.5A. Which current will cause LO1 to fault?

I couldn’t really tell based on the datasheet. Thank you!


The overcurrent protection (and its associated error) are separate from the active current limiting that is set with VREF. The overcurrent protection triggers if either motor channel draws more than the “Over current detection (ISD) threshold” given in the TB67H420FTG datasheet (between 5-7A). In single channel mode, the current of the motor is ideally split evenly between the channels, so around 10-14A of motor current would trigger the overcurrent protection.


Thank you Claire!