TB6612FNG & Vellemann K8055

Hi folks,

I just got some TB6612FNGs and a Vellemann K8055, which I intend to use as a computer interface for the control of a 6V / 1,7 A motor via a TB. As of now I paralleled the motor outputs and used a single PWM output of the Vellemann for both inputs on the TB. Vmot and Vcc are both at 5V, STDBY and the direction inputs are at high level where needed to let the motor move forwards.

Okay, now the problem is that when I adjust the PWM via a slider there’s just on and off as states. I wondered about that for quite a while now. Anyone encountered a similiar phenomenon with the TBs and might give a hint?

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It sounds like this is almost entirely about the Velleman product, so you should at least provide a link for more information so people who might want to help you don’t have to do extra research.

Anyway, from some description I saw somewhere, it looks like the PWM outputs might be open collector; can you verify that? That could be part of your problem. Do you have any way of looking at or otherwise verifying the PWM signal (e.g. an oscillscope or other motor driver)?

- Jan

Hi jan,

thanks for your reply =). I’m a bit busy atm so

Unfortunately I don’t have a oscilloscope to have a deeper look at everything =(. But you’re right, those outputs are open collector.

Here, the link you asked for:
vellemanprojects.eu/download … k_rev2.pdf