TB6612FNG - No output, shorting power to ground?

I’m using the TB6612FNG to drive a 12 V, 0.5 amp max solenoid. Should work fine.

However, upon connecting the driver up, I get no output from the motor out terminals.

Controller: Teensy 3.0, powered by usb.


Controller is grounded to bus. 3.3 V power on controller is connected to Vcc on driver. Pin 3 goes to PWMB, Pin 4 goes to B2, Pin5 goes to B1.

Power supply is 13 V, 1 amp max. Grounded to bus, positive connected to VMOT.

Driver is grounded to bus. BO1 and BO2 go to the leads on the solenoid. Vcc is shorted to STBY, so it should always run.

I’d take a picture to confirm this, but don’t have a camera on me.


Set 4 high (B2), 5 low (B1), 3 to max PWM (full output, PWMB). I measured the voltage from these pins to GND, and they all are as they should be. So the input is correct.

Measuring across BO1 to BO2 results in no voltage. Further, measuring across VMOT to GND measures around 0.6 V. At first I thought this may be drawing too much current. However, measuring the current through the VMOT line gives 0.0 A (DMM in series with line, remaining setup the same). If I disable the controller, the voltage across VMOT to GND jumps to 2.5 V. Only upon disconnecting the driver (measuring only the power supply lines) do I get 13 V. This made me think it may be the power supply, but after switching that out I got the same behavior. It’s a common regulated lab power supply (Elenco Precision, Model XP-620). I’m at a loss as to what’s wrong here. Thoughts?


I am sorry that driver is not working for you. From what you described it doesn’t seem like there is anything obviously wrong with your connections. However, the voltages and currents you are measuring are really strange, and make me suspect a connection issue or damaged board. Can you post a picture of your setup that shows you connections?

Also, did you get the motor driver directly from us? Did the driver ever work for you?


I figured it out.

Turns out my controller (Teensy 3.1) can output a pwm signal much faster than the H-bridge chip can accept. Not sure why that was causing the issues I was seeing, but turning the PWM signal down to 500 Hz fixed it.

I am glad it is working now. However, the TB6612FNG should support PWM inputs with frequencies up to 100kHz. What frequency were you using before?


Teensy can drive 8 bit resolution PWM at 187500 Hz, which is what it was at.