TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver in LAP PWM mode

Hi, I would drive the TB6612FNG in Locked anti-phase (LAP) PWM mode instead of Sign magnitude (SM) mode. The SM mode is the mode provided usually by the microcontrollers. The LAP PWM ensures more torque, more accelerations and brakes, but it requires 2 PWM signals. One the traditional PWM and the other the same PWM, but inverted. I can obtain the PWM traditional by an Arduino for example, and the inverted one with a 74HC14 for example. So obtain the PWM and the PWM inverted is not a problem.
If I use an DVR8833 is very easy to implement the PWM in LAP mode. I put the PWM in the AIN1 and the PWM inverted in the AIN2. For each channel.
With the TB6612FNG?? I have 3 pins for each channel: PWM, AIN1, AIN2. How can I implement the PWM LAP? Wich pin I have to use?


If the TB6612FNG can do locked-antiphase, you would likely have to hold the PWMx pins high and then send your PWM and inverted PWM signals to the xIN1/xIN2 pins. However, there is not much available in the TB6612FNG’s documentation to be certain that it is capable of switching xIN1/xIN2 fast enough to handle locked-antiphase operation, and we have not tested it. If you end up testing it, please let us know how it goes.


Ok thanks I will try