TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver Carrier - no output

Connecting two motors in parallel to the same channel is fine as long as that channel can deliver the combined current draw of the two motors (this is functionally like powering two motors simultaneously from the same battery). Things get complicated when you are trying to connect multiple outputs in parallel (e.g. batteries, motor driver channels, etc), since you have to be very careful to avoid the situation where those paralleled outputs are at different voltages, and since you can’t always assume that each paralleled source will supply an even share of the load.

- Ben

I’ll just cannibalize an old robot for the MC33887 inside…

I’ll respond back after I’m finished.

It works perfectly now. :slight_smile:
I’m using 4AAA’s for Vmotor, and 1 9v for logic.
Thanks for the help.

One last question: is there a way to easily translate arduino code into AVR? I wrote my programs in arduino, but recently the compiler has been taking literally 5 minutes or more to compile and upload to my board. I did some research, and from what I could glean, it seems like a fundamental problem with arduino’s compatibility with windows…

I’m glad to hear that your new setup is working!

The Arduino is basically just wrapping your code in some additional code and the compiling all of that with a GCC AVR compiler, so you could track down all of that “hidden” code, add it explicitly to your program, and compile it outside of Arduino. It could be a pain, though, depending on how many Arduino-specific functions you are using.

It might be easier to use the Pololu AVR Library equivalents of the Arduino functions you are using. How complicated is your program?

- Ben

Removing some malware solved the problem…go figure.

Thanks Ben, and pololu for helping me debug my issues!