Tank drive with 2 SMC 18v15s?

is it possible to do a tank style drive with 2 SMCs? i am using a dagu wild thumper 6wd with an old 6ch heli tx and rx.

Looking at the specs, I wouldn’t use a 18v15 without a heatsink for all three motors. Even with heatsinking you are near the edge though. The robot runs into something, motors stall for 5 or 6 seconds and you suddenly have two fewer motor drivers.

Bumping up to the 18v25 would be much better. It cost $30 more for a pair of them, but you save that much instead of frying less capable drivers. With 25A continuous, you can stall the motors without exceeding the current draw, which means very little risk of frying the driver. If you don’t like that specific driver, then I would go with something rated at 20A continuous, and around 40A (.5sec) peak.

Check the frequency of your radio. It is illegal to use 72Mhz for ground vehicles. You can usually find 75Mhz or 2.4Ghz upgrade modules for most brand name radios.