Tamiya TXT-1 Motor Replacement

Hello All,

I currently have a robotics project that is using the Tamiya TXT-1 chassis as the platform. I’m would like to replace the current twin 540-J sized motors with 2 of the Pololu metal gear motors. But, I’m unsure which Pololu metal gear motor would work as a replacement (assuming one exists). The reason I’m looking to replace them is I because I like the motor/encoder combo feature of the Pololu metal gear motors, which would be very useful for the development of autonomy for the platform. If someone here could point me to a good Pololu replacement metal gear motor (or a better way to get wheel encoders on the TXT-1) it would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance!


We don’t have a drop-in replacement for that motor, and our motors without gearboxes come with the pinion gears pre-installed, so they would likely not work with your system as-is. If you only need a few pieces (and you are willing to risk damaging some in the process), you might get our units with pinion gears and try removing them yourself. If you are still interested and can tell me what specs you would need from the motor, and I can see if we have any that might be suitable for your application.


Thanks Rocky for your response! I basically would just like to have similar specs to what the motors currently have. I’ve attached the specs sheet I found for the motor if that helps.

rs_540rhsh.pdf (114.0 KB)

Thank you for providing the specs for the TXT-1 motor. Unfortunately, we do not have any similar motors that are comparable to the power of that motor.