Tabletop: A Collection of 3pi Applications and Utilities


I’ve developed a website for an organization I call Tabletop Robotics, where we endeavour to develop exciting applications and utilities for the 3pi robot. Currently, we have 6 different programs accessible via a menu system on the 3pi LCD, with difficulty levels ranging from beginner to intermediate. Three of our best applications include:

  • Custom barcode reading, where the 3pi decodes text messages encoded on a line-following course
  • Wireless remote control via PC using two Wixels
  • Grid-based navigation

Videos for all 6 applications are available on the website.

We’ve also developed some useful utilities to run under Windows. One of them is particularly handy, since (in conjunction with provided C libraries) it allows the user to receive serial data from the 3pi, and have it automatically organized and exported as a .csv file, to allow for easy graphing in your favourite spreadsheet software.

This endeavour is named Project Tabletop. Source code, hex files and binaries are all provided under the open-source MIT license. Tabletop is continually in development, and there’s always room for improvement. Related suggestions, comments or questions are most welcome, and can be directed to

It’s my hope that this project will be a valuable resource for those interested in robotics, particularly those developing for the 3pi or similar systems.