Switching between Input/Output modes with Maestro 6


I’m new here and so may do a forum no-no so please forgive me.

I have a Micro Maestro 6 channel servo controller. I am currently using it in a linear motion application to control 2 servos in the x and y axis. The x axis servo is continuous and the y axis is standard. I am looking to add a more precise method of tracking position for the x axis servo in the form of an ultrasonic sensor.

My question is if it’s possible to switch the mode of a particular channel in the script or with serial commands. This is to find out if I should get a 3 pin ultrasonic sensor with 1 I/O and can switch between input and output in the maestro when needed or if I need to get a 4 pin sensor and use 2 channels to sense input and output individually.

Thanks for your help!

- Navin

Hello, Navin.

Welcome to the forum.

The Maestro does not support changing channel modes through TTL serial commands or the script commands. Also, please note that the Maestro accepts digital or analog 0V to 5V signals, and some ultrasonic sensors (like the Parallax PING))) Sensor) output variable width pulses, which the Maestro cannot read directly.

If you are trying to use an ultrasonic sensor that does not have a simple digital or analog output, another forum member posted about his solution for using the HC-SR04 range finder with the Maestro (that involved a simple low-pass RC filter) that you might find helpful. If you are looking for an ultrasonic sensor that has a more appropriate signal that the Maestro can handle directly, you might consider the Maxbotix sensors found in the “Sonar Range Finders” section of our website