Switch servo - does it exist?

Hi, I am using the Mini Maestro 12-Channel USB Servo Controller to control a number of servos which move my GoPro camera around a number of axis. That all works fine but ideally I would like the first action of the control script to turn the GoPro on and then at the end of the script a final command to turn the GoPro off.

I know I can get a lead to plug into the GoPro which enables manual remote control basically by a small switch similar to that used on a normal camera remote.

I was wondering is there was such a thing as a “switch servo” basically a mechanical switch that I can plug into the controller which I can then wire up upto the GoPro via the cable and switch it on/off according to the controllers script?

Hope I made myself clear.

Any help appreciated.


We have some RC switches that can be used to convert hobby radio control pulses to a variety of outputs. Our RC switches with relay can be used like a mechanical switch like you described. However, if you only require a HIGH or LOW signal to turn on and off your GoPro, you should be able to use the digital output feature of the Maestro to send that signal. Also, by configuring one of your Maestro outputs as a digital output, you might be able to just use our basic relay carrier module to switch on and off your GoPro.

- Jeremy