Switch Configuration with Simple Serial Roboclaw


I’m looking to use Simple Serial with an Arduino Uno.

I’ve been having trouble configuring the roboclaw to function correctly with the Arduino. Based on the manuals and looking through various forum posts, I know the the transmission pins is Arduino Pin 6 and receive is Pin 5. I have the program set to Mode 5 and Option 3. The LB-MB jumper is installed. I have my setup configured exactly like the schematic drawn.

In the manual, the comment in the sketch says “Switch Settings: SW2 = ON and SW5 = ON.” I’m not quite sure how to configure the switch settings since it doesn’t say in the tutorials. I have a 2x5A v3 roboclaw so I don’t even know if I’m using the correct manual at the moment. Thanks for all the help.

- Michael Hsu

Hello, Michael.

I am sorry you are having problems using your RoboClaw. According to the “Simple Serial” section of this datasheet for frimware version 3.1.3+, pin 5 is used to transmit the commands. You mentioned that you were using pin 6 for transmitting the commands. Could you try swapping your TX and RX connections and see if that fixes the problem?

- Jeremy

I am also having trouble understanding what SW 2 and SW 5 switches are.
In the manual, the comment in the sketch says “Switch Settings: SW2 = ON and SW5 = ON.”


On previous versions of the RoboClaw, there was a DIP switch array for setting the mode, and the “Switch Settings” refer to how to set the switches on that array. It looks like Ion Motion Control has not updated the comments in the user’s guide for their Arduino examples to reflect the new way to set the mode using the pushbuttons.

- Jeremy

Thank you very much.