Sumo Robot?

hello, I was thinking of using these parts for a Pretty hefty (9in x 9in 2000g) Sumo robot.
Platform: arduino



Just wondering If the motor would work without a hitch with the driver?
(I know in sumo, the motor will be probably stalling a lot)

Also thinking about using scooter wheels for initial testing.

if neither parts are good for sumo job, suggested parts?
(I’m used to smaller robots with hobby servos. Not used to larger robots :wink: )


That motor driver is a bit under powered for those motors. The stall current on those motors is 5 A at 12 V. Instead, you might consider the Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Shield for Arduino; it can source more current.

- Grant

Looks good, I’ll place the order once my college consolidates their sumo completion regulations/rules.