Suitable motor driver for motor


We are in the process of obtaining new motors for our robot, and as such we need to upgrade our motor drivers. These motors advertise a “maximum efficiency current” of 16A, and a stall current of 104A. The load we are planning to put on them should mean that they never reach stall (~60kg of weight, two motors of the same motor on the robot), so we are planning to current limit them to 30A. However, I am not sure if you guys have a driver that is capable of supporting that high of a stall current (since inrush current will probably be substantially higher than 30A). One option would be to the G2 High Power version, with huge capacitors, active cooling & inrush current protection using a thermistor in series with the motor, but even that may be dangerously close to their limits. Does anyone happen to have any recommendations? I am looking at options from Polulu and other manufacturers (Roboclaw, Syren, Cytron), and would like some input before I pull the trigger



That motor sounds like it is much higher-power than what we would usually recommend our G2 motor drivers or controllers be used for. The RoboClaw 2x60, or RoboClaw 2x160, or one other controller families you mentioned are probably better suited. We do not have any comparisons between the RoboClaw, Syren, and Cytron controllers to offer.