Substituting T825 for T500

I am buying parts for this GitHub - evo-biomech/scAnt: open-source 3D scanning and processing pipeline

My organization prefers to buy from a vendor that has Pololu Tic T825 stepper motor controllers but not the T500 specified by the build instructions.

Can anyone help me understand what sort of issues I might run into if I were to use the T825 instead of T500? The device I am building runs off a 12V 5A DC power supply.


There are two main differences between the drivers used in those two Tic controllers; the Tic T500 has an automatic decay selection feature, and the Tic T825 offers additional micro-step modes. I generally wouldn’t expect either of those to cause problems in that kind of application.

By the way, it doesn’t look like that project covers the procedure for setting up the controller for your stepper motor, so I suggest reading through the “Setting up the controller” section of the Tic user’s guide, in particular subsections 4.1-4.3.