Just wanted to pass on a big KUDOS on the STSPIN820. I’m using it to replace some DRV825 boards which where quite noisy. I would highly recommend the STSPIN820 for any lo-current (1.9A max) stepper projects. I’m running a KL17H248 NEMA 17 motor (actually 4) with this board and am very happy with it.

Hello, Alan.

We are glad to hear it is working well for you. Thanks for letting us know! What microstepping mode are you using and what kind of control board (is it a 32bit microcontroller)? By the way, it seems like you might mean 0.9A max, not 1.9A max.


I’m using a Pololu Star A323U to run 4 small NEMA 17 motors. Running 1/2 step at 400 SPR They are VERY lightly loaded - being connected to Navy synchro’s to run a display (like a speedometer). Ahh - 0nly .9A - but I do disable them whenever there is no activity so heat should not be a prob. And they only run in short burst in response to a joystick movement.

Will there be any higher-current rating versions of this controller?

That board is already 4 layers with 2 oz copper, so its current capability is probably about as good as it can be for that form factor without added heat sinking or airflow. If ST comes out with a higher-current STSPIN driver, we’ll probably make a carrier for it, but I don’t know of anything specific in the works.

We might eventually make a Tic stepper motor controller based on the STSPIN820, and that might be able to do a little more current thanks to increased heat sinking from the larger PCB, but we have no specific plans for that right now.