Hi all,

I have to realize a device using 4 microstepping driver motors and low voltage, for now, my preferred is for the STSPIN220 driver, but i have some questions about this product.

Is an extension board for Rapsberry PI exist or i have to make it by my own ?
Is it possible to control this driver using I2C protocol ?

This is project is a free embedded high precision optical device. 3d plans, design, source code (nodesjs, python, OpenCV and Rust) are set and ready to share via github. A proof of concept using Adafruit cards have already make , but now i’m on the way to build a alpha version.

Thanks by advance for your answers, and please be indulgent with my english (is not my native)


We do not have boards specifically designed for use with an RPi that use the STSPIN220 or any with I2C communication. The only STSPIN220 board we have is our basic STSPIN220 carrier. Our Tic controllers can communicate through I2C, so you might consider those as an alternative. If you need to use a low input voltage, the Tic T834 might work.