Strong and fast

Hi. I have built a small skycam from cheap parts, but now I want to ramp it up big time. I want it to be able to move with 30kg of weight, as fast as you can run. I was thinking of four of the 8.6v Nema 23 motors, with A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier, Black Edition. Do you have any thing stronger? What kind of psu must i have? Do you sell any of those psu’s? Btw, i move the skycam by winding wire, so i can gear up or down by the diameter of the barrel, i Just do not want to buy any thing too weak.


Our #1477 stepper motor(the one you referenced) and the A4988 Black edition are a good match for each other and probably provide the most holding torque of any of our stepper motor and driver combinations. Whether that is powerful enough for your system is up to you to decide. You might find our “Force and Torque” blog post and the pullout torque graphs in the stepper motor’s datasheet helpful in determining your basic torque requirements.

If you can tell me the maximum current draw of your complete system, I might be able to suggest an appropriate power supply. Also, can you tell more about how you intend to power the system (e.g. battery pack or wall adapter)?