Steppermotor vibrating and not rotating

Guys I need some help.
I connected my steppermotor to my DRV8825 exactly like in this picture, but my stepper motor of the type 42BYGH0425 only vibrates and doesn’t spin, it keeps making noises and the heat sink gets BLAZING hot until the driver shuts off thermally. I have a power supply of 12 V 2 A and the Vref is tested from 0,75 to 1,25 which doesn’t help at all. I also tested it by disconnecting the SLP an RST pins from the 5V and connecting FLT to 5 V instead just like the A4988, but wiyh no luck. The code is also just a simple one from Arduino IDE. Can someone please help me out?

The color combination from left to right was black green blue red, then I switched it up to red blue green black, but no result. The weird thing was that when I tested the voltage between the middle signal pins, it had a voltage of around 3,5V which is the nominal voltage of the steppermotor.


Could you post some pictures of your setup that show all of your connections, as well as some pictures of your stepper motor driver that show both sides of the board? More information about what specific power supply and Arduino program you are using could also be useful.

By the way, since it seems like you probably observed your board going into a thermal shutdown, I recommend keeping VREF set to 0.75V or lower for now.

- Patrick