Stepper with lead screw speed?

Hey guys, I have bipolar NEMA 17 stepper with a lead screw (item 2690) controlled with a stepper shield for Arduino. I’m sending 12v to the shield, but I can only get a speed of about 2 in/s from the stepper. I noticed on the product description that speeds of up to 12 in/s are attainable. I’m thinking that the problem is that the shield isn’t providing enough current to the motor, so I’m considering replacing it with the DRV8825 driver. Will this solve the problem, or do you think it’s a separate issue? Thanks!

If the power supply is capable of providing 2X the rated motor current, then the driver is the problem.

Most motor shields use one of the antique L29x types of chips. If yours does, then you will notice a dramatic improvement with the DRV8825. You can also use a much higher motor power supply voltage (as long as the motor current limit is set properly) and achieve even higher step rates.