Stepper Wiring to Driver


The stepper wiring ports on the A4988 are identified as 1A, 1B and 2A, 2B. I am assuming that 1 and 2 refer to coils 1 and 2. And I do have the data sheet on my stepper that shows the coils by color (BLK/GRN & RED/BLU).

How do I translate the colors into the Pololu’s designations? How do I connect the stepper to the driver, in other words?

Thanks in advance.


If there are only two coils and four wires, the only problem is to identify which two wires belong to each coil. You can do that with a multimeter on the Ohms or continuity setting. After you have made the connections, if the motor is rotating in the wrong direction, swap the two connections belonging to one of the motor coils.

Always turn off the power before changing motor connections, or you may destroy the motor driver.


The schematics of the motor (data sheet?) indicates which pair of colors belong to which coil so there is no problem there.

I will do the trial and error that you suggested.