Stepper Speed

I am starting another thread because I am not sure if continuous posting is frowned up.

Ok, my question involves the TIC 249. I am using it with an Ardunio Uno. I also am using it in step/dir mode. In this mode are the motor functions, like acceleration in the software usable or are they locked out?


As mentioned in the “Setting up STEP/DIR control” section of the Tic user’s guide, the STEP and DIR pins are connected directly to the STEP and DIR inputs on the on-board stepper motor driver IC (through protection resistors). So, using those pins to control the driver bypasses the Tic’s speed-limiting and acceleration-limiting features, and the Tic will have no knowledge of the current position or speed of the stepper motor.

As far as creating a new thread or continuing an older one, we generally prefer continuing an older thread if the topic is similar enough. In this case, it seems different enough that a new topic is fine.


Thank You!