Stepper motor with A4983 - vibration problem

I am using a stepper motor (Nema 16 hybrid stepper) and trying to make it do the following move : back and forward for 20 degrees, and this repeatdly and quite fast. Then there is a little mirror on the axis of the motor and I light up this mirror with a green laser, in order to draw a line on a screen in front of the motor (see the photos to understand)

I am having some trouble : the movement of my motor is not as smooth as I would like, it makes my motor vibrates even though I am using the A4983 in 8 microstepping mode. My power supply is of 24V and the logic supply is 5V. The result is odd because it looks like there is some kind of resonance : the vibration makes the laser light move perpendicularly on a periodic basis (see the photo)


I fear I send a wrong signal to the step and dir pins of the A4988 (see the photos)

Do you have any idea from where my problem can come? I hope I was enough specific!


You mentioned both the A4983 and A4988 drivers; can you clarify which board you are actually using? Additionally, if your motor is not mounted securely, there could be a lot of vibration while it is moving.

If you still have problems after that, it’s possible you are hitting some kind of resonance with your stepper motor. There are a lot of factors that could impact this, such as the current limit, operating voltage, and step rate. So, you could try adjusting some of those to see if it gets any better.